Given an item, a teamType and a user, return the status of the team ('ok', 'missing', 'broken', 'fixable' ), along with specific details: id: id of the group isMissing: was the group simply never created? isBroken: true if the item has an id for the group, but the group can not be found canFix: true if user can create the group If a team that a route depends on returns isBroken the route should redirect to /teams/repair, which will do a full inspection, list things that are broken and then conduct any repairs that can be done. It will list the issues, with the intent of training customers to NOT mess with Team groups in AGO. Once repairs are complete, the user will click a button to return to the route they we attempting to enter before this diversion.


Parameter Type Default Notes
item Required IItem

Site or Initiative ITEM (not model)

teamType Required "core" | "content" | "followers"

Type of team to check for

user Required IUser

User Object

ro Required IHubRequestOptions




Property Type Notes
canFix boolean
id string | null
isBroken boolean
isMember boolean
isMissing boolean
isOk boolean
teamType Optional string

Function defined in teams/src/utils/get-team-status.ts:30