Property Type Notes
boundary Optional IHubGeography

boundary will default to the item extent but can be overwritten by enrichments from the Hub API (inline) or fetched from a location such as /resources/boundary.json

statistics Optional any
data Optional Inherited [key: string]: any

The portal item's data (if any)

errors Optional Inherited IEnrichmentErrorInfo[]

Any errors encountered when fetching enrichments see https://github.com/ArcGIS/hub-indexer/blob/master/docs/errors.md#response-formatting-for-errors

groupIds Optional Inherited string[]

The ids of any groups that the item belongs to

item Optional Inherited IItem

Enable the item to be re-fetched so we get more props

layers Optional Inherited Array<Partial<ILayerDefinition>>

Detailed information about the service's layers (geometryType, fields, etc) for related layers in the service

metadata Optional Inherited any

The content's formal metadata

org Optional Inherited Partial<IPortal>

The owner's organization (portal) details (id, name, extent, etc)

ownerUser Optional Inherited IUser

The user that owns the item

recordCount Optional Inherited number | null

The count of records for the layer referenced by this content

server Optional Inherited Partial<IFeatureServiceDefinition>

Information about the service referenced by this content (currentVersion, capabilities, maxRecordCount etc)

servicesDirectoryDisabled Optional Inherited boolean

If the server's services directory is disabled. See https://enterprise.arcgis.com/en/server/latest/administer/linux/disabling-the-services-directory.htm

Interface defined in common/src/core/types/IHubContentEnrichments.ts:6