Options for the ArcGISContext constructor


Property Type Notes
id number

Unique id from the ArcGISContextManager that created this instance. Primarily useful for debugging possible race-conditions that can result in multiple ArcGISContextManager instances being created.

portalUrl string

Portal base url For ArcGIS Online - https://org.env.arcgis.com For ArcGIS Enterprise - https://{portalHostname}/{webadaptor}

authentication Optional UserSession

The current UserSession

currentUser Optional IUser

If the user is authenticated, the user should be passed in so various getters can work as expected.

featureFlags Optional IFeatureFlags

Hash of feature flags

hubUrl Optional string

Hub Url that corresponds to the portal url is appropritate

portalSelf Optional IPortal

If the user is authenticated, the portal should be passed in so various getters can work as expected.

properties Optional Record<stringany>

Optional hash of additional context

serviceStatus Optional HubServiceStatus

Option to pass in service status vs fetching it

trustedOrgIds Optional string[]

Array of Trusted Org Ids

trustedOrgs Optional IHubTrustedOrgsResponse[]

Trusted orgs xhr response

userHubSettings Optional IUserHubSettings

Hash of user hub settings. These are stored as user-app-resources, associated with the hubforarcgis clientId

userResourceTokens Optional IUserResourceToken[]

Array of exchanged tokens for use with user-app-resources

Interface defined in common/src/ArcGISContext.ts:306