Base properties for Hub Entities This includes a subset of IItem, that can apply to models that are not backed by items. It also includes properties that can be derived for all entity types, such as links


Property Type Notes
createdDate Date

Date the entity was created

createdDateSource string

Source of the creation date as a property path e.q item.created

id string

Id of the entity as a string

name string

Name of the Entity For Entities backed by items, this is typically the title

type string

For Item backed results, this will be item.type Otherwise it will be "Group", "User", "Event" etc

updatedDate Date

Date when the entity was last updated Depending on the entity, this could be derived in many different ways

updatedDateSource string

Source of the updated date

source Optional string

Source of the entity. Exact logic for this tbd, but the intent is to allow the result to be attributed to something other than "owner"

summary Optional string

Sanitized summary derived from item.snippet, item.description, group.description, user.description, event.description etc

Interface defined in common/src/core/types/IHubEntityBase.ts:55