Search for members of a group. The groupId is specified via a group predicate. Any term predicate will be re-mapped to name.

The backing API is very limited in what it returns so this method executes the search and then tries to fetch the user object directly. This is a bit slower but provides a more information. Even in this case, private users may not be returned, and so we have a default user that is returned in those cases.


Parameter Type Default Notes
query Required IQuery
options Required IHubSearchOptions


Property Type Notes
hasNext boolean

Can more results be fetched?

next function(params: any) : Promise<IHubSearchResponse<>>

Function that fetches the next page of results

results []

Array if results

total number

Total number of matches for the query

aggregations Optional IHubAggregation[]

Array of requested aggregations

messages Optional IMessage[]

Array of messages / warnings

Function defined in common/src/search/_internal/portalSearchGroupMembers.ts:37