A utility method to get a date-picker date string in the format 2024-04-03 from a Date object, timestamp in ms, or a valid date/time string. By default, the date string will reflect the client's local date for the provided date. An optional IANA timeZone string can be provided to adjust the resulting date string to reflect the local date in the provided timeZone at that point in time.

getDatePickerDate('2024-03-29T16:00:00.000Z', 'America/New_York') // => 2024-03-29 (eastern)

getDatePickerDate('2024-03-29T16:00:00.000Z', 'America/Los_Angeles') // => 2024-03-29 (pacific)

  • getDatePickerDate(date: string | number | Date, timeZone: string) : string


Parameter Type Default Notes
date Required string | number | Date

A Date object, timestamp in ms, or valid date/time string (e.g. 2024-03-29T16:00:00.000Z)

timeZone Optional string

An optional IANA time zone string, e.g. America/Los_Angeles


a date-picker date string, e.g. 2024-03-29


Function defined in common/src/utils/date/getDatePickerDate.ts:19