Definition for a dynamic value that is resolved from an item query to the portal



Property Type Notes
aggregation DynamicAggregation

The type of aggregation to apply to the set of results

sourcePath string

The path to the property on the item to return

type "item-query"
outPath Inherited string

The property path used to connect the resolved value to the parent object

includeRawValues Optional boolean

Indicates if the raw values should be returned

query Optional IQuery | IReference

Portal Query to be exectute to return the set of items

scope Optional IQuery | IReference
schema Optional Inherited Partial<IConfigurationSchema>

JSON schema used to validate the value. If not provided, the value will not be validated NOTE: This may be swapped for a smaller set of props that would be used to generate the schema

Interface defined in common/src/core/types/DynamicValues.ts:88