Add or invite N users to a single team Org|community|world logic flows are run even if there are no users applicable for that particular path. Results from each path are consolidated and surfaced in the return object as failures and errors are of more importance than successes.


Parameter Type Default Notes
groupId Required string

Group we are adding users to

users Required IUserWithOrgType[]

array of users to add

primaryRO Required IAuthenticationManager

primary requestOptions

canAutoAddUser Required boolean

Can we automatically add a user to the team?

addUserAsGroupAdmin Required boolean

Should the user be added as a group administrator

email Required IAddOrInviteEmail

Email object


Result object

Property Type Notes
collaborationCoordinator IAddOrInviteResponse
community IAddOrInviteResponse
errors ArcGISRequestError[]
groupId string
notAdded string[]
notEmailed string[]
notInvited string[]
org IAddOrInviteResponse
partnered IAddOrInviteResponse
world IAddOrInviteResponse

Function defined in teams/src/add-or-invite-users-to-team.ts:33