The set of enrichments that we fetch from the Hub API


Property Type Notes
boundary Optional IHubGeography

boundary will default to the item extent but can be overwritten by enrichments from the Hub API (inline) or fetched from a location such as /resources/boundary.json

errors Optional IEnrichmentErrorInfo[]

Any errors encountered when fetching enrichments see

extent Optional IHubExtent

Either the item's extent, or the item's layer or server's extent converted to a lat/lng coordinate pair

itemId Optional string
layerId Optional number
recordCount Optional number | null

The count of records for the layer referenced by this content

searchDescription Optional string

The appropriate summary to show for the item, coming from either the item's data (for pages or initiatives) or the item's description

slug Optional string
statistics Optional any

Pre-computed field statistics (min, max, average, etc)

Interface defined in common/src/content/_fetch.ts:63