Property Type Notes
access Optional EventAccess

Access level of the event

addresses Optional ICreateAddress[]

Addresses for the event

allDay Optional boolean

Flag for all day event

allowRegistration Optional boolean

Boolean to indicate if users can register for an event

attendanceType Optional EventAttendanceType[]

Valid ways to attend the event

categories Optional string[]

categories for the event

description Optional string

Description of the event

editGroups Optional string[]

Groups with edit access to the event

endDateTime Optional string

ISO8601 end date-time for the event

geometry Optional IUpdateEventGeometry

GeoJSON formatted geometry related to the event

notifyAttendees Optional boolean

Flag to notify attendees

onlineMeetings Optional ICreateOnlineMeeting[]

Online meetings for the event

readGroups Optional string[]

Groups with read access to the event

startDateTime Optional string

ISO8601 start date-time for the event

status Optional EventStatus

Status of the event

summary Optional string

Summary of the event

tags Optional string[]

Tags for the event

timeZone Optional string

IANA time zone for the event

title Optional string

Title of the event

Interface defined in common/src/events/api/orval/api/orval-events.ts:94