Comprehensive enum of all the download formats that are supported by service-backed items across the ArcGIS platform.

Enumeration members

Enumeration member Value Notes
BIP "bip"
BMP "bmp"
BSQ "bsq"
CSV "csv"
EXCEL "excel"
FEATURE_COLLECTION "featureCollection"
FILE_GDB "filegdb"
GEOJSON "geojson"
GEO_PACKAGE "geoPackage"
GIF "gif"
JPG "jpg"
JPG_PNG "jpgpng"
JSON "json"
KML "kml"
LERC "lerc"
PNG "png"
PNG24 "png24"
PNG32 "png32"
PNG8 "png8"
SHAPEFILE "shapefile"
SQLITE "sqlite"
TIFF "tiff"

Enumeration defined in common/src/downloads/types.ts:59