Defines the information required from a Metric


Property Type Notes
id string

Identifier for the metric. This must be static over time or linkages between items will break. Can be the camelCase version of the name as long as it's a valid Javascript property name (can't start with numbers).

source MetricSource | IReference

Source definition. This can be an IReference to another metric to enable re-use of the same metric source for multiple metrics.

description Optional string

Description of the metric. Will be shown in UI when user is configuring the value or source of the value

entityInfo Optional IEntityInfo

Information about the source entity that will be attached to the IMetricFeature when it's resolved. This will be added to the IMetric as it's processed.

name Optional string

Name of the metric. Will be shown in UI's

units Optional string

Unit of the value. In the future this will be a list of well-known units

Interface defined in common/src/core/types/Metrics.ts:9