Property Type Notes
extent Optional IHubExtent

Either the item's extent, or the item's layer or server's extent converted to a lat/lng coordinate pair

layerId Optional number
requestOptions Optional IHubRequestOptions
searchDescription Optional string

The appropriate summary to show for the item, coming from either the item's data (for pages or initiatives) or the item's description

slug Optional string
boundary Optional Inherited IHubGeography

boundary will default to the item extent but can be overwritten by enrichments from the Hub API (inline) or fetched from a location such as /resources/boundary.json

data Optional Inherited [key: string]: any

The portal item's data (if any)

errors Optional Inherited IEnrichmentErrorInfo[]

Any errors encountered when fetching enrichments see https://github.com/ArcGIS/hub-indexer/blob/master/docs/errors.md#response-formatting-for-errors

groupIds Optional Inherited string[]

The ids of any groups that the item belongs to

item Optional Inherited IItem

Enable the item to be re-fetched so we get more props

layers Optional Inherited Array<Partial<ILayerDefinition>>

Detailed information about the service's layers (geometryType, fields, etc) for related layers in the service

metadata Optional Inherited any

The content's formal metadata

org Optional Inherited Partial<IPortal>

The owner's organization (portal) details (id, name, extent, etc)

ownerUser Optional Inherited IUser

The user that owns the item

recordCount Optional Inherited number | null

The count of records for the layer referenced by this content

server Optional Inherited Partial<IFeatureServiceDefinition>

Information about the service referenced by this content (currentVersion, capabilities, maxRecordCount etc)

servicesDirectoryDisabled Optional Inherited boolean

If the server's services directory is disabled. See https://enterprise.arcgis.com/en/server/latest/administer/linux/disabling-the-services-directory.htm

statistics Optional Inherited any

Interface defined in common/src/content/compose.ts:524