Searches for events against the Events 3 API using the given query and options. Currently supported filters include: access: 'public' | 'private' | 'org' | Array<'public' | 'org' | 'access'>; canEdit: boolean entityId: string | string[]; entityType: string | string[]; id: string | string[]; term: string; categories: string | string[]; tags: string | string[]; group: string | string[]; readGroupId: string | string[]; editGroupId: string | string[]; attendanceType: 'virtual' | 'in_person' | Array<'virtual' | 'in_person'>; owner: string | string[]; status: 'planned' | 'canceled' | 'removed' | Array<'planned' | 'canceled' | 'removed'>; startDateRange: IDateRange<string | number>


Parameter Type Default Notes
query Required IQuery

An IQuery object

options Required IHubSearchOptions

An IHubSearchOptions object


a promise that resolves a <IHubSearchResponse object

Property Type Notes
hasNext boolean

Can more results be fetched?

next function(params: any) : Promise<IHubSearchResponse<>>

Function that fetches the next page of results

results []

Array if results

total number

Total number of matches for the query

aggregations Optional IHubAggregation[]

Array of requested aggregations

messages Optional IMessage[]

Array of messages / warnings

Function defined in common/src/search/_internal/hubSearchEvents.ts:33