The web map data lists the basemap, operational layers, and bookmarks to be used in the web map. It also contains information about popup windows and layer styling overrides to be used in the web map. A version property allows you to supply the version of the web map JSON format being used.


Property Type Notes
baseMap IBaseMap

[Required] Basemaps give the web map a geographic context

spatialReference ISpatialReference

[Required] An object used to specify the spatial reference of the given geometry.

version string

[Required] Root element in the web map specifying a string value indicating the web map version.

applicationProperties Optional IApplicationProperties

Viewing and editing properties of the webmap

authoringApp Optional string

String value indicating the application which authored the webmap

authoringAppVersion Optional string

String value indicating the authoring App's version number

background Optional IWebMapBackground

Defines the appearance for the background of the map.

bookmarks Optional IBookmark[] | IBookmark

A bookmark is a saved geographic extent that allows end users to quickly navigate to a particular area of interest

mapRangeInfo Optional IMapRangeInfo

Map Range Information

operationalLayers Optional ILayer[] | ILayer

Operational layers contain business data which are used to make thematic maps

presentation Optional any

A presentation consists of multiple slides. Each slide has a different title, extent, basemap, layers etc

tables Optional ITable[] | ITable

Root element in the web map specifying an array of table objects. (optional)

widgets Optional any

The widgets object contains widgets that should be exposed to the user

Interface defined in packages/arcgis-rest-types/src/webmap.ts:476