import {
} from '@esri/arcgis-rest-service-admin';
  authentication: userSession,
  item: {
    "name": "NewEmptyService",
    "capabilities": "Create,Delete,Query,Update,Editing"

Create a new hosted feature service. After the service has been created, call addToServiceDefinition() if you'd like to update it's schema.


Parameter Type Default Notes
requestOptions Required ICreateServiceOptions

Options for the request. NOTE: rawResponse is not supported by this operation.

Available requestOptions

Property Type Notes
item ICreateServiceParams

A JSON object specifying the properties of the newly-created service. See the REST Documentation for more information.

authentication Inherited UserSession

A session representing a logged in user.

folderId Optional string

Alphanumeric id of folder to house moved item. If null, empty, or "/", the destination is the root folder.

fetch Optional Inherited function(input: RequestInfo, init: RequestInit) : Promise<Response>

The implementation of fetch to use. Defaults to a global fetch.

headers Optional Inherited [key: string]: any

Additional Headers to pass into the request.

httpMethod Optional Inherited HTTPMethods

The HTTP method to send the request with.

maxUrlLength Optional Inherited number

If the length of a GET request's URL exceeds maxUrlLength the request will use POST instead.

owner Optional Inherited string

The owner of the item. If this property is not present, item.owner will be passed, or lastly authentication.username.

params Optional Inherited IParams

Additional parameters to pass in the request.

portal Optional Inherited string

Base url for the portal you want to make the request to. Defaults to ''.

rawResponse Optional Inherited boolean

Return the raw response


A Promise that resolves with service details once the service has been created

Property Type Notes
encodedServiceURL string

The encoded URL to the hosted service.

isView boolean

Indicates if this feature service represents a view.

itemId string

The unique ID for this item.

name string

Name of the service item.

serviceItemId string

The ID of the new service item.

serviceurl string

The URL to the hosted service.

size number

The size of the item.

success boolean

Indicates if the operation was successful.

type string

The type of service created.

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