import { queryFeatures, decodeValues } from '@esri/arcgis-rest-feature-layer';
const url = ``
queryFeatures({ url })
  .then(queryResponse => {

Replaces the raw coded domain values in a query response with descriptions (for legibility).


Parameter Type Default Notes
requestOptions Required IDecodeValuesOptions

Options for the request.

Available requestOptions

Property Type Notes
queryResponse IQueryFeaturesResponse

Unique identifier of the feature.

fields Optional IField[] | IField
  • If a fieldset is provided, no internal metadata check will be issued to gather info about coded value domains.
url Optional string

Layer service url.

authentication Optional Inherited IAuthenticationManager

The instance of IAuthenticationManager to use to authenticate this request.

credentials Optional Inherited RequestCredentials

A string indicating whether credentials (cookies) will be sent with the request. Used internally for authentication workflows.

fetch Optional Inherited function(input: RequestInfo, init: RequestInit) : Promise<Response>

The implementation of fetch to use. Defaults to a global fetch.

headers Optional Inherited [key: string]: any

Additional Headers to pass into the request.

hideToken Optional Inherited boolean

Prevents the token from being passed in a URL Query param that is saved in browser history. Instead, the token will be passed in POST request body or through X-Esri-Authorization header. NOTE: This will force POST requests in browsers since auth header is not yet supported by preflight OPTIONS check with CORS.

httpMethod Optional Inherited HTTPMethods

The HTTP method to send the request with.

maxUrlLength Optional Inherited number

If the length of a GET request's URL exceeds maxUrlLength the request will use POST instead.

params Optional Inherited IParams

Additional parameters to pass in the request.

portal Optional Inherited string

Base url for the portal you want to make the request to. Defaults to authentication.portal if authentication exists, otherwise to ''.

rawResponse Optional Inherited boolean

Return the raw response


A Promise that will resolve with the addFeatures response.

Property Type Notes
features Inherited IFeature[] | IFeature
exceededTransferLimit Optional boolean
displayFieldName Optional Inherited string
fieldAliases Optional Inherited [key: string]: string
fields Optional Inherited IField[] | IField
geometryType Optional Inherited GeometryType
globalIdFieldName Optional Inherited string
hasM Optional Inherited boolean
hasZ Optional Inherited boolean
objectIdFieldName Optional Inherited string
spatialReference Optional Inherited ISpatialReference

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