Defines an image or a chart to be displayed in a popup window.


Property Type Notes
caption Optional any

A string caption describing the media.

refreshInterval Optional any

Refresh interval of the layer in minutes. Non-zero value indicates automatic layer refresh at the specified interval. Value of 0 indicates auto refresh is not enabled. If the property does not exist, it's equivalent to having a value of 0. Only applicable when type is set to image.

title Optional string | null

A string title for the media.

type Optional "image" | "barchart" | "columnchart" | "linechart" | "piechart"

A string defining the type of media.

value Optional IMediaInfoValue | null

A value object containing information about how the image should be retrieved or how the chart should be constructed.

Interface defined in packages/arcgis-rest-types/src/webmap.ts:224