Invites users to join a group. Operation success will be indicated by a flag on the return object. If there are any errors, they will be placed in an errors array on the return object

const authentication: IAuthenticationManager; // Typically passed into to the function
const options: IInviteGroupUsersOptions = {
 id: 'group_id',
 users: ['ed', 'edd', 'eddy'],
 role: 'group-member',
 expiration: 20160,
const result = await inviteGroupUsers(options);
const if_success_result_looks_like = {
 success: true
const if_failure_result_looks_like = {
 success: false,
 errors: [ArcGISRequestError]


Parameter Type Default Notes
options Required IInviteGroupUsersOptions


Property Type Notes
success boolean

Whether the operation was successful

errors Optional ArcGISRequestError[] | ArcGISRequestError

An array of request errors

Function defined in packages/arcgis-rest-portal/src/groups/invite-users.ts:72