This documentation is for ArcGIS REST JS 3.x which is no longer maintained. For the latest 4.x documentation see ArcGIS REST JS on the ArcGIS Developer website.



Invites users to join a group. Operation success will be indicated by a flag on the return object. If there are any errors, they will be placed in an errors array on the return object

const authentication: IAuthenticationManager; // Typically passed into to the function
const options: IInviteGroupUsersOptions = {
 id: 'group_id',
 users: ['ed', 'edd', 'eddy'],
 role: 'group-member',
 expiration: 20160,
const result = await inviteGroupUsers(options);
const if_success_result_looks_like = {
 success: true
const if_failure_result_looks_like = {
 success: false,
 errors: [ArcGISRequestError]


Parameter Type Default Notes
options Required IInviteGroupUsersOptions


Property Type Notes
success boolean

Whether the operation was successful

errors Optional ArcGISRequestError[] | ArcGISRequestError

An array of request errors

Function defined in packages/arcgis-rest-portal/src/groups/invite-users.ts:72