A layer object may allow overrides on popup content and drawing behavior for individual layers of a web service. This object also contains geographic features and their attributes when used in a feature collection.


Property Type Notes
defaultVisibility Optional any

Default visibility of the layers in the map service.

definitionEditor Optional IDefinitionEditor

An object that provides interactive filters.

featureSet Optional IFeatureSet

A featureSet object containing the geometry and attributes of the features in the layer. Used with feature collections only.

field Optional IField[] | IField

Information about each field in a layer. Used with feature collections.

id Optional string

A string indicating the index position of the layer in the map service or feature collection.

layerDefinition Optional any

The layerDefinition object defines the attribute schema and drawing information for the layer.

layerUrl Optional any

A string URL to a service that should be used for all queries against the layer. Used with hosted tiled map services on ArcGIS Online when there is an associated feature service that allows for queries.

maxScale Optional any

Represents the maximum scale at which the layer definition will be applied.

minScale Optional any

Represents the minimum scale at which the layer definition will be applied.

nextObjectId Optional any

Iterates within a featureset. Number objectId value is incremented +1 based on last Object ID defined for the feature in a featureset. Used with feature collections.

parentLayerId Optional any

If working with nested layers, this is the numeric value indicating the layer id of the next layer (parent) directly above the current referenced layer.

popupInfo Optional IPopupInfo

A popupInfo object defining the popup window content for the layer.

showLegend Optional any

Indicates whether to allow map authors the ability to control what layers should be shown in a client's legend.

subLayer Optional any

Array of numeric values indicating the layer index for layers nested directly under the parent layer.

subLayerIds Optional any

If the layer is a parent layer, it will have one or more sub layers included in an array.

title Optional any

A user-friendly string title for the layer that can be used in a table of contents.

Interface defined in packages/arcgis-rest-types/src/webmap.ts:859