Defines the look and feel of popup windows when a user clicks or queries a feature.


Property Type Notes
description Optional string | null

A string that appears in the body of the popup window as a description. It is also possible to specify the description as HTML-formatted content.

expressionInfos Optional IPopupExpressionInfo[] | IPopupExpressionInfo

List of Arcade expressions added to the pop-up.

fieldInfos Optional IFieldInfo[] | IFieldInfo

Array of fieldInfo information properties. This information is provided by the service layer definition. When the description uses name/value pairs, the order of the array is how the fields display in the editable Map Viewer popup and the resulting popup. It is also possible to specify HTML-formatted content.

layerOptions Optional {

Additional options that can be defined for the popup layer.

mediaInfos Optional IMediaInfo[] | IMediaInfo

Array of various mediaInfo to display. Can be of type image, piechart, barchart, columnchart, or linechart. The order given is the order in which is displays.

popupElements Optional IPopupElement[] | IPopupElement

An array of popupElement objects that represent an ordered list of popup elements.

relatedRecordsInfo Optional IRelatedRecordsInfo

Indicates whether to enable related records if they exist on a layer.

showAttachments Optional boolean

Indicates whether attachments will be loaded for feature layers that have attachments.

title Optional string

A string that appears at the top of the popup window as a title.

Interface defined in packages/arcgis-rest-types/src/webmap.ts:293