This documentation is for ArcGIS REST JS 3.x which is no longer maintained. For the latest 4.x documentation see ArcGIS REST JS on the ArcGIS Developer website.



Object detailing the available offline editing options.


Property Type Notes
download "none" | "featuresAndAttachments" | "featuers"

When editing layers, the edits are always sent to the server. This string value indicates which data is retrieved. For example, none indicates that only the schema is written since neither the features nor attachments are retrieved. For a full sync without downloading attachments, indicate features. Lastly, the default behavior is to have a full sync using featuresAndAttachments where both features and attachments are retrieved.

sync "uploadFeaturesAndAttachments" | "syncFeaturesAndAttachments" | "syncFeaturesUploadAttachments"

This string value indicates how the data is synced.

Interface defined in packages/arcgis-rest-types/src/webmap.ts:614