Property Type Notes
defaultValue Optional number | string

The default value that is automatically given if nothing is provided.

fieldName Optional string

A string value representing the name of the field to query.

parameterId Optional any

Number given to uniquely identify the specified parameter.

type Optional "esriFieldTypeBlob" | "esriFieldTypeDate" | "esriFieldTypeDouble" | "esriFieldTypeGeometry" | "esriFieldTypeGlobalID" | "esriFieldTypeGUID" | "esriFieldTypeInteger" | "esriFieldTypeOID" | "esriFieldTypeRaster" | "esriFieldTypeSingle" | "esriFieldTypeSmallInteger" | "esriFieldTypeString" | "esriFieldTypeXML"

The field type for the specified field parameter.

utcValue Optional number

An integer value representing exact UNIX time used when defaultValue is a date string.

Interface defined in packages/arcgis-rest-types/src/webmap.ts:809