This documentation is for ArcGIS REST JS 3.x which is no longer maintained. For the latest 4.x documentation see ArcGIS REST JS on the ArcGIS Developer website.




Constructor Parameters

Parameter Type Default Notes
message Optional string

The error message from the API

code Optional string | number

The error code from the API

response Optional any

The original response from the API that caused the error

url Optional string

The original url of the request

options Optional IRequestOptions

The original options and parameters of the request


Property Type Notes
code string | number

The error code returned from the request.

message string

Formatted error message. See the Error class for more details.

name string

The name of this error. Will always be "ArcGISRequestError" to conform with the Error class.

options IRequestOptions

The options of the original request that caused the error

originalMessage string

The errror message return from the request.

response any

The original JSON response the caused the error.

url string

The URL of the original request that caused the error

Class defined in packages/arcgis-rest-request/src/utils/ArcGISRequestError.ts:10