Extends L.esri.Task

L.esri.Find is an abstraction for the find API included in Map Services. It provides a chainable API for building request parameters and executing find tasks.


Constructor Description
L.esri.find(<MapService> endpoint)

L.esri.find(<Object> options)
Accepts either an options object or an instance of MapService.


Option Type Default Description
url String '' URL of the ArcGIS service you would like to consume.
proxy String false URL of an ArcGIS API for JavaScript proxy or ArcGIS Resource Proxy to use for proxying POST requests.
useCors Boolean true If this service should use CORS when making GET requests.


Method Returns Description
text(<String> text) this Text that is searched across the layers and fields the user specifies.
contains(<Boolean> contains) this When true find task will search for a value that contains the text. When false it will do an exact match on the text string. Default is true.
fields(<Array> fields or <String> fields) this An array or comma-separated list of field names to search. If not specified, all fields are searched.
spatialReference(<Integer> sr) this The well known ID (ex. 4326) for the results.
layerDef(<Integer> id, <String> where) this Add a layer definition to the find task.
layers(<Array> layers or <String> layers) this Layers to perform find task on. Accepts an array of layer IDs or comma-separated list.
returnGeometry(<Boolean> returnGeometry) this Return geometry with results. Default is true.
maxAllowableOffset(<Integer> maxAllowableOffset) this Specifies the maximum allowable offset to be used for generalizing geometries returned by the find task.
precision(<Integer> precision) this Specifies the number of decimal places in returned geometries.
returnZ(<Boolean> returnZ) this Include Z values in the results. Default value is true. This parameter only applies if returnGeometry=true.
returnM(<Boolean> returnM) this Includes M values if the features have them. Default value is false. This parameter only applies if returnGeometry=true.
dynamicLayers(<Object> dynamicLayers) this Property used for adding new layers or modifying the data source of existing ones in the current map service.
simplify(<Map> map, <Integer> factor) this Simplify the geometries of the output features for the current map view. the factor parameter controls the amount of simplification between 0 (no simplification) and 1 (simplify to the most basic shape possible).
format(<Boolean> formatResponse) this Use false to ensure that the server returns unformatted feature attributes.
Only available for ArcGIS Server 10.5+.
token(<String> token) this Adds a token to this request if the service requires authentication. Will be added automatically if used with a service.
run(<Function> callback, <Object> context) this Exectues the find request with the current parameters, features will be passed to callback as a GeoJSON FeatureCollection. Accepts an optional function context.


Finding features
var find = L.esri.find('https://services.nationalmap.gov/arcgis/rest/services/govunits/MapServer');


find.run(function (error, featureCollection, response) {
  if (error) {
  console.log('GNIS Name: ' + featureCollection.features[0].properties.GNIS_NAME);
Finding features by specified search field name
var find = L.esri.find({
  url: 'https://services.nationalmap.gov/arcgis/rest/services/govunits/MapServer'


find.run(function (error, featureCollection, response) {
  if (error) {
  console.log('Found ' + featureCollection.features.length + ' feature(s)');
  console.log('Found ' + featureCollection.features[0].properties.GNIS_NAME + ' in ' + featureCollection.features[0].properties.STATE_NAME);

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