Esri Leaflet


Includes a search box control you can add to your map, as well as low level tools for making geocoding requests.


Ensure that symbology defined by ArcGIS Server and ArcGIS Online for feature layers is inherited in Leaflet.

Vector Tiles

An experimental plugin to visualize Vector tiles from ArcGIS Online, built on top of mapbox-gl-leaflet.


A plugin for loading Web maps created in ArcGIS using their id!

Stream Feature Layer

A plugin for displaying Stream layers published to ArcGIS Server using GeoEvent.

Clustered Feature Layer

Visualize feature layers using clustering with the help of Leaflet.markercluster.

Heatmap Feature Layer

Visualize feature layers with heatmaps via Leaflet.heat.

Dynamic Map Layer

A more advanced DynamicMapLayer implementation that includes support for continuous panning across the dateline.


Generic, fixed size, shape marker symbols for points in Leaflet.


Plugin to assist in working with ArcGIS Geoprocessing Services.

Related Records

Plugin to assist in querying ArcGIS Services for related records.

Leaflet Routing Machine

Leaflet plugin that enables walk, drive and truck routing using Esri's hosted service.

Canvas Flowmap Layer

Leaflet plugin for mapping flow with Bezier curves rendered on HTML Canvas.