Extends L.esri.Service

A basic wrapper for speaking to ArcGIS Online and ArcGIS Server Geoprocessing services. You can find more information and the source code for this plugin here.


Constructor Description
L.esri.GP.service(<Object> options) Creates a new Geoprocessing service.


Option Type Default Description
url String null The url of the gp service you'd like to leverage.
path String 'execute' (Optional) The class is able to sniff out execute/submitJob operations from typical geoprocessing services, but setting 'path' can be helpful for SOEs and Network Analyst Services with custom operation names.
async Boolean false (Optional) Set 'async' to indicate whether a GP service with a custom operation name is synchronous or asynchronous.
asyncInterval Integer 1 (Optional) Determines how often the application should check on jobs in progress.


Fires all L.esri.Service events. By default, the plugin assumes services are synchronous and that 'execute' is the appropriate path.


Method Returns Description
createTask() L.esri.GP.Task Returns a Geoprocessing task.

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