Troubleshooting Tips #

If a Chef run failed, check the Chef run logs, fix the problem, and re-run Chef. Chef will skip the resources successfully completed by the previous runs and will retry running the failed resources.

To enable detailed Chef run logs, change the Chef log level to debug. The debug log includes HTTP requests sent to ArcGIS Enterprise services, responses received from the services, and other detailed information about operations performed during the Chef run.

chef-client -z -j role.json -l debug

Consult Chef Infra Client (executable) documentation about configuring Chef log level and destination.

In case of runtime exceptions, the Chef client also writes the exception trace in the stacktrace.out file, and reports the file path in the Chef log.

Common Problems #

Cannot load configuration #

chef-solo may fail to load a configuration from a JSON file if the relative file path is used.

chef-solo -j .\filename.json
[2022-03-15T16:45:36-07:00] WARN: *****************************************
[2022-03-15T16:45:36-07:00] WARN: Did not find config file: C:/chef/client.rb. Using command line options instead.
[2022-03-15T16:45:36-07:00] WARN: *****************************************
[2022-03-15T16:45:36-07:00] FATAL: Cannot load configuration from .\filename.json

To workaround the problem, use the full path to the JSON file.

No such cookbook #

If a Chef run fails with the error “No such cookbook”, it may indicate that either Chef is looking for the cookbooks in the wrong directory, or the cookbook directory does not contain the required cookbook.

To work around the problem, either change the current directory to the default Chef workspace directory or specify the cookbooks directory using a command line parameter.

chef-solo -j filename.json --config-option cookbook_path=C:\chef\cookbooks

Note that the cookbooks archives in the arcgis-cookbook GitHub releases contain Chef cookbooks maintained by Esri and all the required dependent cookbooks, while the GitHub repository itself only contains Chef cookbooks maintained by Esri.

Cannot read from directory path ‘/gisdata/arcgisportal’ #

    Cannot read from directory path '/gisdata/arcgisportal'. Please check that the location is valid and that the Portal service account has permissions to the location.

Portal for ArcGIS content directory must exist before running arcgis-enterprise-primary.json. It can either be created manually or by using arcgis-enterprise-fileserver.json.

Issues #

Found a bug or want to request a new feature? Please let us know by submitting an issue.