arcrest.manageorg package


arcrest.manageorg.administration module

Manages Portal/AGOL content, users, items, etc..

class arcrest.manageorg.administration.Administration(url=None, securityHandler=None, proxy_url=None, proxy_port=None, initialize=False)[source]

Bases: arcrest._abstract.abstract.BaseAGOLClass

Administers the AGOL/Portal Site


returns object as a dictionary


The portal community root covers user and group resources and operations.


returns access into the site’s content


returns the current version of the site


Returns the objects to manage site’s hosted services. It returns AGSAdministration object if the site is Portal and it returns a hostedservice.Services object if it is AGOL.


returns the oauth2 class


returns the Portals class that provides administration access into a given organization


gets the base url

search(q, t=None, focus=None, bbox=None, start=1, num=10, sortField=None, sortOrder='asc', useSecurity=True)[source]

This operation searches for content items in the portal. The searches are performed against a high performance index that indexes the most popular fields of an item. See the Search reference page for information on the fields and the syntax of the query. The search index is updated whenever users add, update, or delete content. There can be a lag between the time that the content is updated and the time when it’s reflected in the search results. The results of a search only contain items that the user has permission to access.


q - The query string used to search t - type of content to search for. focus - another content filter. Ex: files bbox - The bounding box for a spatial search defined as minx,

miny, maxx, or maxy. Search requires q, bbox, or both. Spatial search is an overlaps/intersects function of the query bbox and the extent of the document. Documents that have no extent (e.g., mxds, 3dds, lyr) will not be found when doing a bbox search. Document extent is assumed to be in the WGS84 geographic coordinate system.
start - The number of the first entry in the result set
response. The index number is 1-based. The default value of start is 1 (that is, the first search result). The start parameter, along with the num parameter, can be used to paginate the search results.
num - The maximum number of results to be included in the result
set response. The default value is 10, and the maximum allowed value is 100. The start parameter, along with the num parameter, can be used to paginate the search results.
sortField - Field to sort by. You can also sort by multiple
fields (comma separated) for an item. The allowed sort field names are title, created, type, owner, modified, avgRating, numRatings, numComments, and numViews.
sortOrder - Describes whether the results return in ascending or
descending order. Default is ascending. Values: asc | desc
useSecurity - boolean value that determines if the security
handler object’s token will be appended on the search call. If the value is set to False, then the search will be performed without authentication. This means only items that have been shared with everyone on AGOL or portal site will be found. If it is set to True, then all items the user has permission to see based on the query passed will be returned.
returns a list of dictionary

gets the token url

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