arcrest.manageportal package


arcrest.manageportal.administration module

The ArcREST API allows you to perform administrative tasks not available in the Portal for ArcGIS website. The API is organized into resources and operations. Resources are entities within Portal for ArcGIS that hold some information and have a well-defined state. Operations act on these resources and update their information or state. Resources and operations are hierarchical and have unique universal resource locators (URLs).

class arcrest.manageportal.administration.PortalAdministration(admin_url, securityHandler, proxy_url=None, proxy_port=None, initalize=False)[source]

Bases: arcrest._abstract.abstract.BaseAGOLClass

This is the root resource for administering your portal. Starting from this root, all of the portal’s environment is organized into a hierarchy of resources and operations.

After installation, the portal can be configured using the Create Site operation. Once initialized, the portal environment is available through System and Security resources.

createSite(username, password, fullname, email, securityQuerstionIdx, securityQuestionAns, description='')[source]

The create site operation initializes and configures Portal for ArcGIS for use. It must be the first operation invoked after installation. Creating a new site involves:

Creating the initial administrator account Creating a new database administrator account (which is same as the initial administrator account) Creating token shared keys Registering directories

This operation is time consuming, as the database is initialized and populated with default templates and content. If the database directory is not empty, this operation attempts to migrate the database to the current version while keeping its data intact. At the end of this operation, the web server that hosts the API is restarted.

username - The initial administrator account name password - The password for the initial administrator account fullname - The full name for the initial administrator account email - The account email address description - An optional description for the account securityQuestionIdx - The index of the secret question to retrieve a forgotten password securityQuestionAns - The answer to the secret question

returns the portals log information


returns the admin sites resources


gets/sets the root admin url


Creates a reference to the Security operations for Portal


Creates a reference to the System operations for Portal


returns the portal version

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