Name Alias Description
AddUNSystemTables Create Utility Network System Tables Views Generate views on the utility network system tables.
AdjustDataSources Update Data Sources Use this tool to convert the data source of layers in the maps in the current ArcGIS Pro project to a workspace.
AssociationSelection Select by Association Expands the current selection in the map based on specified utility network association types and layers.
BatchTrace Batch Trace Iterate through the starting points to trace the utility network and use the results.
BuildStartingPoints Build Starting Points Creates starting points based on a trace configuration.
CalculateTolerances Calculate Tolerances and Resolutions Calculate the XY, Z, and M tolerances based on a measure unit for systems that will use a linear referencing system (LRS).
ChangeGDBSpatialReference Change GDB Spatial Reference Creates a new file geodatabase in the user-specified spatial reference.
CompareConfigurations Asset Package Configuration Report Generates a collection of Excel Workbooks/Sheets to review the various Asset Package configuration options.
CompareRenames Asset Package Rename Report Generates a collection of Excel Workbooks/Sheets to review the various Asset Package rename options.
ConfigureUtilityNetworkLayers Configure UN Layers Configures utility network layers by modifying popups and display filters.
ContingentValueWorkbookToCSV Convert Contingent Values Workbook Converts a Contingent Values Workbook to CSV files to be used for importing.
CreateAssociationLines Create Association Lines Creates lines representing utility network associations.
CreateContingentValueAttributeRules Contingent Values to Attribute Rules Create a series of attribute rules from the Contingent Values.
CreateContingentValues Create Contingent Values Creates contingent values from schema or data.
CreateContingentValuesWorkbook Create Contingent Values Workbook Creates an excel workbook to review and modify contingent values defined by data, schema or existing values.
CreateQuadTrees Create Quadtrees Creates quadtrees from a collection of input features.
EnableLRSUPDM Enable APR on UPDM Creates the script to enable LRS or enables LRS on a UPDM database with a utility network.
EvaluateRulesByPolygon Evaluate Rules by Polygon Runs the Evaluate Rules Geoprocessing tool for every input polygon.
ExportReportingData Export Reporting Data Exports tables with domain descriptions to an output geodatabase.
ExportUtilityNetworkMatrix Export Matrix Creates Excel workbooks for visualizing and modifying Utility Network rules, categories, association roles, and terminal assignments.
ExtractFileLogs Extract Logs from Files Generates a Mobile GDB with a record for each entry in a log file.
ExtractRESTLogs Extract Logs from REST Extracts logs from ArcGIS Server.
FilterMap Modify Map by Rename and Configure Applies rename and configuration options to maps based on an asset package.
ImportUtilityNetworkMatrix Import Matrix Loads the values from the rule, network category, and terminal assignment workbooks.
MapLayersToCSV Map Layers to CSV Use this tool to create a csv report with field information from your tables and layers.
SubnetworkAggregator Subnetwork Aggregator This tools generates aggregated geometry and asset summaries for the subnetworks in an utility network. This can be used to generated subnetwork geometry for subnetworks who currently have error rows. The results will include the currently connected features up to the location where errors are present.
SummarizeUNErrors Summarize Utility Network Errors Generates a Mobile GDB summarizing utility network errors and data inconsistencies
SummaryByBits Summary by Bits Splits the specified attributes by the specified bits present and generates data for reporting.
SwapBits Swap Bits Evaluates the values of an integer field as a bit gate and swaps bit values.
Trace2Config Trace to Trace Configurations Converts arcpy.un.Trace to arcpy.un.ImportTraceConfigurations
ValidateByPolygon Validate by Polygon Runs the Validate Network Topology Geoprocessing tool for every input polygon.

Last built 2023-11-28