Add GTFS to a Network Dataset

DEPRECATED. Use Add GTFS to a Network Dataset to incorporate transit data into a network dataset so you can perform schedule-aware analyses using the Network Analyst tools in ArcMap.

After creating your network dataset, you can use the ArcGIS Network Analyst tools, like Service Area and OD Cost Matrix, to perform transit/pedestrian accessibility analyses, make decisions about where to locate new facilities, find populations underserved by transit or particular types of facilities, or visualize the areas reachable from your business at different times of day. You can also publish services in ArcGIS Server that use your network dataset. You can this network with the Transit Network Analysis Tools to do more complex network analysis tasks. (These tools were formerly part of the Add GTFS to a Network Dataset download but have now been split off into a separate item.)

The Add GTFS to a Network Dataset tool suite consists of a toolbox to pre-process the GTFS data to prepare it for use in the network dataset, a custom GTFS transit evaluator you must install that helps the network dataset read the GTFS schedules, some utility tools to help you examine and debug your network, and a user's guide to help you set up your network dataset and run analyses.

This tool is deprecated because this functionality is now available with out-of-the-box tools in ArcGIS Pro. The tool author will no longer be making further enhancements or fixing major bugs.