Annotations are geographic comments created by an Author to discuss an Initiative or Event or give feedback on a Dataset. Feedback can be submitted by both known and anonymous users.

Under the hood, the information is stored in an ArcGIS hosted feature service.

Identify an existing annotation service.

If an organization has already purchased ArcGIS Hub, then the url of it's annotation service can be identified using the technique below.

import { getPortal } from "@esri/arcgis-rest-portal";
import { getAnnotationServiceUrl  } from '@esri/hub-annotations';

// first, use the org url to determine its unique id
  .then(response => {
    const orgId =;
      .then(response) // ""

Create a brand new annotation service.

@esri/hub.js can also be used to create an ArcGIS Hub compatible annotation service in an ArcGIS Online Organization.

import { UserSession } from "@esri/arcgis-rest-auth";
import { createAnnotationService } from "@esri/hub-annotations";

// user with sufficient privileges to create a new hosted feature service
const authentication = new UserSession({
  username: "joe",
  password: "shhhh"

  .then(response) // { success: true, itemId: "fe3" }

Submit anonymous comments

If you are creating an application for posting anonymous feedback, hub.js has a helper for that as well.

import { addAnnotations } from "@esri/hub-annotations";

  url: annotationsUrl + "/0",
  features: [{
    attributes: {
      target: "http://...", // the target of the comment
      description: "A grand idea!", // the actual comment
      source: "your cool app"