Extends IHubSearchOptions to make auth mandatory



Property Type Notes
authentication UserSession
aggFields Optional Inherited string[]

Fields to return aggregations on

aggLimit Optional Inherited number

Maximum number of aggregations to return Portal API only supports a single value

aggregations Optional Inherited string[]


api Optional Inherited NamedApis | IApiDefinition

Specify API to call. Defaults to ArcGIS Online Portal API

bbox Optional Inherited string

Bounding box for the search (NOT IMPLEMENTED)

enrichments Optional Inherited Enrichments[]

DEPRECATED: Use include instead

fields Optional Inherited string


include Optional Inherited string[]

Objects or fields to include e.g. server.layers AS serverLayers

num Optional Inherited number

Maximum number of results to return, per-page

page Optional Inherited string

LEGACY. Use start and num instead

requestOptions Optional Inherited IHubRequestOptions

While hubSearch requires requestOptions, it is not marked required because that is a breaking change to this interface, which is still required while we implement hubSearch

site Optional Inherited IModel


sortField Optional Inherited string

What field should the results be sorted on

sortOrder Optional Inherited "desc" | "asc"

Sort direction

start Optional Inherited number

The result number of the first entry in the result set response. The start parameter, along with the num parameter, can be used to paginate the search results.

targetEntity Optional Inherited EntityType

Specify what entity to search for; For use with hubSearch

Interface defined in common/src/search/_searchUsers.ts:21