About Cedar

Cedar is a library for crafting, sharing and data visualizations powered by ArcGIS Services. Built with D3 and the Vega graphics grammar, Cedar extends them with bindings for making templated chart graphics that can be re-used with different datasets.

At the highest level, Cedar provides a simple chart API. Beyond that it is possible to create new and unique chart types that can be loaded and customized through interactions and styling depending on your needs.

Components of a Cedar Chart

At a minimum, Cedar charts are defined by the following ingredients:

Additionally this specification is being transitioned towards multi-series data. Because of this dataset will be deprecated and replaced with:

You may also supply the following ingredients:

Types of Charts

While Cedar provides a set of commonly used chart types including bar, line, scatterplot, and pie, through use of the Vega grammar it is possible for developers to create unique and custom charts that can be used by other developers with new data sources.

When starting with Cedar, we suggest that you begin by exploring the simple charts using your own data services. As you experiment with the interactions with Maps and more complex interaction you can also customize these charts with new capabilities such as legends, size scaling or labeling. Finally, you can fork and create completely custom chart templates that you then provide for other developers to use through Cedar.

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