Get Started with Babel and Rollup

ArcGIS REST JS is ready-to-use with popular module bundlers like webpack and rollup. Make sure you also install the polyfills for fetch and Promise. You can find npm install commands for all packages in the API reference.

npm install @esri/arcgis-rest-request isomorphic-fetch es6-promise

Import the isomorphic-fetch and es6-promise polyfills before using ArcGIS REST JS.

import "isomorphic-fetch";
import "es6-promise";

import { request } from "@esri/arcgis-rest-request";

request("").then(response => {

Note: many other libraries or tools (such as Babel) require an ES6 Promise polyfill. Any Promise polyfill will work with ArcGIS REST JS, es6-promise is simply a lightweight standalone version.