Property Type Notes
authentication Inherited UserSession

A session representing a logged in user.

content Optional string

Text input to be added as a file resource.

fetch Optional Inherited function(input: RequestInfo, init: RequestInit) : Promise<Response>

The implementation of fetch to use. Defaults to a global fetch.

headers Optional Inherited

Additional Headers to pass into the request.

httpMethod Optional Inherited HTTPMethods

The HTTP method to send the request with.

id Inherited string

Unique identifier of the item.

maxUrlLength Optional Inherited number

If the length of a GET request's URL exceeds maxUrlLength the request will use POST instead.

name Optional string

New resource filename.

owner Optional Inherited string

Item owner username. If not present, authentication.username is utilized.

params Optional Inherited IParams

Additional parameters to pass in the request.

portal Optional Inherited string

Base url for the portal you want to make the request to. Defaults to 'https://www.arcgis.com/sharing/rest'.

private Optional boolean

Controls whether access to the file resource is restricted to the owner or inherited from the sharing permissions set for the associated item.

rawResponse Optional Inherited boolean

Return the raw response

resource Optional any

Interface defined in packages/arcgis-rest-items/src/helpers.ts:77