arcgis.apps.storymap module

StoryMap Implementation


class arcgis.apps.storymap.JournalStoryMap(item=None, gis=None)

Bases: object

Represents a Journal Story Map

Argument Description
item Optional Item. The storymap item.
gis Optional GIS. The connection to the Enterprise.
add(title, url_or_item, content=None, actions=None, visible=True, alt_text='', display='stretch', **kwargs)

Adds a new section to the StoryMap

Argument Description
title Required string. The title of the section.
url_or_item Required string/Item. The web address to the resource or a Web Map item.
content Optional string. The content of the section.
actions Optional list. A collection of actions performed on the section
visible Optional boolean. If True, the section is visible on publish. If False, the section is not displayed.
alt_text Optional string. Specifies an alternate text for an image.
display Optional string. The image display properties.

WebMap Options

Argument Description
show_legend Optional boolean. If True, the legend will be visible.
show_default_legend Optional boolean. Shows the legend on default.
extent Optional dict/Envelope. The extent of the webmap.

Optional list. The visibility of the layers in a webmap. This is a list of dictionaries where the syntax is as follows:


“id” : “<id>”, “visibility” : “<true/false>”




“id” : “csv_6005_0”, “visibility” : False,

}, {

“id” : “csv_6006_0”, “visibility” : True,
popup Optional dict. The popup definition for the webmap.

Deletes the saved item on ArcGIS Online/Portal


gets/sets the headers for the Journal StoryMap


Gets/Sets the panel state for the Journal Story Map


returns the storymap’s JSON


Removes a section by index.

Argument Description
index Required integer. The position of the section to remove.
save(title=None, tags=None, description=None)

Saves an Journal StoryMap to the GIS

Argument Description
title Optional string. The title of the StoryMap.
tags Optional string. The tags of the StoryMap.
description Optional string. The description of the StoryMap