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A lightweight set of tools for working with ArcGIS services in Leaflet.

587 691



A geographic toolkit for dealing with geometry, geography, formats, and building geo databases

95 378

The GIS Tools for Hadoop are a collection of GIS tools for spatial analysis of big data.

158 289

A light-weight JS/CSS extension for building awesome mapping apps with Bootstrap and ArcGIS.

354 268

The Esri Geometry API for Java enables developers to write custom applications for analysis of spatial data. This API is used in the Esri GIS Tools for Hadoop and other 3rd-party data processing solutions.

118 242

Proxy files for DotNet, Java and PHP.

185 184

A collection of useful resources for developers using the ArcGIS API for JavaScript.

147 182



python package for REST API (AGS, AGOL, webmap JSON, etc..)

133 177


Objective-C, Swift

Swift samples demonstrating various capabilities of ArcGIS Runtime SDK for iOS

309 173



An demo animation of wind on a Canvas layer in the JSAPI

52 164

A collection of directives to help you use Esri maps and services in your Angular applications

100 160

The Spatial Framework for Hadoop allows developers and data scientists to use the Hadoop data processing system for spatial data analysis.

93 159



Charts for ArcGIS GeoServices

196 148

ArcGIS JavaScript mapping samples to get you started fast.

198 146

Geoportal Server is a standards-based, open source product that enables discovery and use of geospatial resources including data and services.

135 142

Source code for ArcGIS Viewer for Flex - a great application framework for web applications.

163 136

Proof of concept developer code and samples to help be successful with all ArcGIS developer products (Python, NET, JavaScript, Android…). The repository is designed to be an exchange for sharing coding conventions and wisdom to developers at all skill levels.

106 134

ArcGIS Editor for OpenStreetMap is a toolset for GIS users to access and contribute to OpenStreetMap through their Desktop or Server environment.

68 123

ArcGIS JavaScript library for handling offline editing and tiling.

123 117

Web App Builder widgets created and managed by the Esri Solutions teams.

142 111

A Bootstrap theme for designing, styling and creating modern map apps.

84 107



A set of utilities for converting between standard geojson and other json formats

39 106

A collection of code samples, scripts, hacks, tools, and information for ArcGIS Online administrators.

22 106

The Story Map Tour is ideal when you want to present a linear, place-based narrative featuring images or videos.

103 103

A place to learn how to build geo apps with the ArcGIS Platform.

68 99



Bower friendly, minified version of the ArcGIS API for JavaScript

46 92

Custom flat theme based on Twitter's Bootstrap for Dojo dijits, dgrid, and esri widgets.

30 91

API helpers and UI controls for geocoding with the ArcGIS Geocoding Service with Leaflet.

48 90

Test all aspects of Android's location capabilities. Configurable for trying out different scenarios.

58 88

Starter application that simplifies the process of building templates for the template gallery.

74 80

Your organisations mapping app built with the runtime SDK for android

136 79



A swiss army knife for your ArcGIS Online and Portal for ArcGIS accounts

70 79

A curated set of lightweight but powerful tools for on-the-fly image processing and raster analysis in ArcGIS.

29 76

Chef cookbook for ArcGIS

26 76

Models, scripts, and tools for use in ArcGIS Desktop and Server to support defense and intelligence workflows.

54 74

Yeoman generator to help customize Esri's WebAppBuilder

41 74

Sample code for ArcGIS Runtime SDK for .NET – UWP, WPF, Xamarin.Android, Xamarin.iOS, and Xamarin.Forms

222 74

Samples for how to use the Esri ArcGIS API for JavaScript w/ Bootstap via Dojo-bootstrap

93 69

Documentation and samples for ArcGIS Python API

36 56

The Hadoop GP Toolbox provides tools to exchange features between a Geodatabase and Hadoop and run Hadoop workflow jobs.

40 55

Develop 3D applications using the procedural geometry engine of Esri CityEngine.

30 55

An easy way to load GeoJSON data into your ArcGIS map

28 55

This is a node.js implementation of the ArcGIS REST API

26 54

GeoForm is a configurable template for form based data editing of a Feature Service.

68 54

A Python package to assist with administering ArcGIS Online Organizations.

87 53

Joint Military Symbology Markup Language is a data encapsulation of MIL-STD-2525D and APP-6(C).

34 51



Geoservices for Javascript

28 49

Basic API samples for the ArcGIS API for Flex

97 48

Use this fun jQuery Mobile web app to test HTML5 geolocation on different devices.

24 48

Toolkit for the ArcGIS Runtime SDK for .NET

68 48

The Story Map Journal is ideal when you want to combine narrative text with maps and other embedded content.

50 47

Esri's ArcGIS for Local Government team's online applications

83 43

One example of how to cluster many point features

37 43

A simple Vector Tile Style Editor to update the styles of Esri Vector Basemaps

22 42

Components for the ArcGIS WebApp Builder

25 40

Authoritative front-end development resources for Calcite design initiative. Includes extendable base components and styles, as well as a modular and efficient framework for ArcGIS properties.

28 40

This is the place where you can add your feedback and issues on Survey123.

22 40

A module that allows you to administer Portal for ArcGIS and ArcGIS Online.

45 40



Viewer is a configurable application template that enables you to display an ArcGIS web map using a variety of tools.

85 39

A Calcite theme and a custom build system for building Bootstrap apps.

25 39

This is a custom DynamicMapServiceLayer for Heatmap.js to work with the ArcGIS Javascript API.

26 39



Client library for wrapping REST API functions. Primarily focused on filling the gaps of Geoservices.js - specifically content management, org administration, etc.

11 38


C++, C, C#, JS, JavaScript, Python

Limited Error Raster Compression

9 37

A series of ArcGIS Desktop Add-ins used in the ArcGIS for Local Government editing maps.

45 37

Source data for Solutions Symbology used in Templates (Note: excludes standard 2525/APP military symbology)

19 34



This repository hosts the specification for Scene Layers which are containers for arbitrarily large amounts of geographic data. The delivery and persistence model for Scene Layers, referred to as Indexed 3d Scene Layer (I3S) and Scene Layer Package (SLPK) respectively, are specified.

8 33

Easy mapping for Flex developers - Open Source project demonstrating the powers of the ArcGIS API for Flex

12 31

An ArcGIS Online mapping template to showcase social media on a map for disaster response and public information.

45 31

A storytelling template that enables users to reveal a layer of a web map or another web map using a vertical bar or a spy glass.

20 31

This repository contains ArcObjects SDK Samples for the ArcObjects SDK 10.4

70 30



A simple HTTP wrapper around the Apple Push Notification Service and Google Cloud Messaging Service

13 30

ArcGIS JavaScript sample that let's you add a shapefile to your web map.

20 29

Tools for working with public transit data in ArcGIS

12 29

ArcGIS Pro SDK for Microsoft .NET is the new .NET SDK for the ArcGIS Pro Application.

17 28

An iOS Framework and sample app to get started with Esri's iOS Runtime SDK.

28 27

Demo applications provided by the ArcGIS Runtime SDK for .NET Team

64 27

Quickly build maps for Android with this library and sample app.

36 27

The LayerList widget provides an interface for users to toggle layer visibility. The style can be completely changed and skinned to match your own map design.

26 27

Classic Viewer is a configurable application template that enables you to display an ArcGIS web map using a variety of tools.

57 26

Plugin for Esri Leaflet to use drawing information defined in the feature service

15 26

Tools to convert ArcGIS JSON geometries to GeoJSON geometries and vice-versa.

6 26

The Story Map Series lets you present a series of maps via tabs, numbered bullets, or a side accordion.

27 26

ArcGIS template for the 3D cities solution, including tools, scripts and apps (Web, CE projects)

28 26

A Python utilities API for consuming REST services from ArcGIS server

11 25

ArcGIS JavaScript samples for use with PhoneGap/Cordova

41 25

This repo contains code described in the iOS tutorials at

97 25

JavaScript auto-complete widget for locating places.

23 25


18 23

Highly configurable native Android interface to both GPS and NETWORK on-device location providers.

6 23

Esri mapping app code challenge. What can you write in a 100 lines or less?

42 23

Well-Known Text parser for Terraformer

10 22

Using the ArcGIS API for JavaScript, you can develop widget, map tools, and feature action extensions for Operations Dashboard running on Windows and in a browser.

30 22

Operations Server Configuration scripts

11 22

Source data for Esri defense and intelligence feature templates. This data is used to create features and derived data products using military symbology.

19 22

Responsive map viewer boilerplate for ArcGIS JS API based web mapping applications

22 21



Load ArcGIS API for JavaScript modules using SystemJS

3 21

The Shortlist story map application template by Esri

39 21

ArcGIS Runtime SDK for Qt (QML API) Toolkit

16 21

Custom processors, adapters and transports for geoevent server.

32 21

The Story Map Cascade℠ app lets you combine narrative text with maps, images, and multimedia content in an engaging, full-screen scrolling experience.

6 21

A JavaScript web application for designing, running, and saving weighted overlay models using the Esri ArcGIS API for JavaScript and ArcGIS Server image services.

17 21

Collection of data visualization samples created with ArcGIS API for JavaScript

14 20

Visual editor for Esri's Geotrigger Service.

14 20

Demo applications that have been built by the Esri Android SDK development team.

35 20



Briefing Book is an application that allows users to view and create map-based briefings and reports with interactive content.

19 19

An ArcGIS Runtime SDK for Android mapping application for inspecting wind turbines in the field

23 19

Contains documentation and workflows that demonstrate how to leverage open-source data analysis packages within the ArcGIS Environment

13 19

An application that allows local government leaders to proactively view critical metrics, identify trends, and devise new management strategies.

23 19

A handful of prebuilt apps to build off of, use as inspiration or enhance your AppStudio for ArcGIS apps.

12 19

A storytelling template for publishing a web map to a general audience; includes accordion side panel and dropdown legend. Responsive design supports most devices with a single URL.

23 18

Web application for generating thumbnail images for ArcGIS Online

10 18



A simple Javascript client library for interacting with the ArcGIS Geotrigger API. Works with Node, and any CORS supporting browser.

15 18

Ember CLI Addon for using AMD libraries

9 18

Toolkit for the ArcGIS Runtime SDK for WPF and ArcGIS API for Silverlight

22 18

Configurable application template that enables you to display an ArcGIS web map using a variety of tools.

24 16

An application that provides the general public property tax and assessment information.

19 16

ArcGIS API for Silverlight interactive sample app in C# and VB

55 16

Utility for converting a Geoprocessing TBX file to a pure-Python PYT file in ArcGIS 10.1

11 16

Geoportal Server next generation search application and metadata catalog, based on elasticsearch.

6 16

iOS Geotrigger SDK

18 16

Source code for ArcGIS Viewer for Flex - APPLICATION BUILDER.

13 15

Source code for ArcGIS Workflow Manager JavaScript viewer - Manage your workflows on the web.

20 15

An application that allows citizens to submit requests for service from a desktop PC, mobile phone, or tablet device.

20 15



MDCS is an acronym for Mosaic Dataset Configuration Script and is the entry point to a collection of Python classes/libraries that could be consumed by a Python client application to complete a given workflow for creating a mosaic dataset, populating it with data, and setting all required/desired parameters.

13 15

ArcGIS GeoEvent Extension Sample Twitter connectors for sending and receiving tweets

8 14

JavaScript Image Discovery Web Application. Use to search, discover, filter, and manipulate imagery.

11 14

A template to create a configurable, filterable, and responsive application for your maps, apps, and more.

8 14

Routing and scheduling sample application using directions (network analysis) services.

27 14

GeoStore module for Terraformer

11 14

Addin for ArcMap and Pro for convenient coordinate conversion in Desktop.

9 14

Display ArcGIS Online vector basemaps w/ Esri Leaflet

8 13

A set of scripts to help administer Workforce projects.

10 13

A swipe widget to partially show a layer by dragging it left or right.

6 13

JavaScript/WebGL vector maps library

5 13

WAB widgets specific to image services – WABIS

4 13

ArcGIS geoprocessing toolbox containing tools to create and build a network dataset from commercial street data.

6 13

Production Mapping for ArcGIS Server Product On Demand (POD) sample app

3 13

This HeatMap widget for ArcGIS Viewer for Flex will allow you to easily create a heat map layer from an ArcGIS Server service that returns point features.

10 13

ArcGIS JavaScript web mapping application to demonstrate automating the Dojo Build Process

17 13

GP Tools for Amazon Web Services Elastic Map Reduce (Hosted Hadoop Framework)

4 13

An application that helps citizens locate a government facility and obtain information about curbside and drop-off services.

28 13

The GeoMessage Simulator provides UDP messaging for applications that are part of the ArcGIS for the Military solution.

12 13

Offline Inspections for iOS built using the ArcGIS Runtime. Shown at the User Conference 2011 Plenary Demo

15 12

An application that allows local government staff to identify buffer properties and generate mailing labels.

13 12

Sample Sencha Touch application using the ArcGIS API for JavaScript and ArcGIS Online Feature, Geocoding, and Network Services.

13 12

Elevation Profile is a configurable application template used to display the elevation profile for a selected feature or a measured line along with a web map.

19 12

Sample Dijit boilerplate for getting started with ArcGIS widget development.

10 12

Android Geotrigger SDK

30 12

ArcGIS Runtime SDK for WPF examples from the Esri Dev Summit 2013

25 11

The Squad Leader template demonstrates best practices for building handheld military applications with ArcGIS.

13 11

ArcGIS Runtime SDK 100.0 for Qt (Quartz) samples for Qt Creator.

12 11

An ArcGIS configurable application for creating, styling and sharing modern 2D and 3D map apps. Built with ArcGIS for Javascript API v4, Calcite Maps and Bootstrap.

3 11

Welcome to the 2017 Esri Developer Summit and the session called, "Everything (or Anything) You Wanted to Know About the ArcGIS Runtime SDKs but Were Afraid to Ask"

6 11

Google Chrome extension for easy grabination of GIS service URLs

6 11

This interactive map highlights who and what has been impacted by this incident and shows the effects of the disaster, its location, and the potential impact it has caused to the infrastructure, businesses, population, and households in and around area of the disaster.

12 11

A simple dijit button return to the map's default extent when clicked.

11 11

Sample data for ArcGIS Runtime SDKs

21 11



Photo Survey Application and Data Management tools for the Photo Survey solution

4 10

This Module is to convert input raster into optimized output raster. It has support to convert raster in MRF format and upload it to s3 bucket

7 10

A storytelling template for publishing a web map to a general audience; includes text and legend panel. Supports time enabled maps and multiple webmaps with tabs.

6 10

A storytelling template that organizes point data sets from a CSV file embedded in your web map into an organized interactive list.

40 10

A common, SDK-agnostic Java library for building military-oriented apps, especially for ArcGIS for the Military.

8 10

Solutions Widgets for use in the ArcGIS WPF Operations Dashboard.

18 10

The Vehicle Commander template demonstrates best practices for building in-vehicle military applications with ArcGIS Runtime. The Vehicle Commander template contains source code for an in-vehicle application.

10 10

An experimental layer extension to the ArcGIS JS API for rendering tiles in the Mapbox Vector Tile format

6 10



A JS component to animate a tour between stops on a map.

1 10

ArcGIS Runtime SDK for Java samples

21 10

Documentation, API Reference and Samples

240 9

Driving Directions for iOS using the ArcGIS Runtime.

15 9

Plugin for Esri Leaflet that clusters a Feature Layer using Leaflet.markercluster

11 9

Web AppBuilder widgets for Military Tools for ArcGIS

6 9

The Story Map Basic is a simple map viewer with a minimalist user interface.

11 9

Data automation and data management tools to maintain the Community Parcels solution

5 9

Add-in provides the ability to easily and quickly create geodesy lines, circles, ellipses and range rings.

8 9

Source code for the ArcGIS Viewer for Silverlight

9 9

ArcGIS Pro Add-in samples for Beta 5.

11 9


Swift, Objective-C

Source code for the Tips and Tricks sessions shown at various Esri conferences

12 9

A set of python tools to assist working with AGOL feature services

4 8

Offline and Routing data Collection for iOS, developed using the ArcGIS Runtime and demonstrated at the 2012 Developer Summit.

11 8

Environmental Impact is a configuration of ArcGIS and a JavaScript application that helps environmental agencies and organizations evaluate and report on the potential impact of development, research, or other activities on the natural environment, sensitive species, and other important factors.

6 8



Civilian Topographic Map (CTM) product

10 8

application files for the story map countdown template

16 8

ArcGIS GeoEvent Extension Sample MongoDB Outbound Connector for storing GeoEvents.

3 8

SQL-like viewer for search, add, delete and editing any point-based ArcGIS feature service.

18 7

The Military Feature Toolbox is a set of tools, scripts, and applications that provide specialized processing for ArcGIS Military Features and Military Symbology

9 7

Position Analysis Web template

3 7

Example showing usage of Esri Leaflet with WebPack

0 7

Tools to help you setup a mosaic dataset to support fast, web-based suitability analysis

8 7

Twitter template is a configurable application template that provides a simple interface with a brushed chrome color scheme for displaying geolocated tweets.

10 7

An application that allows citizens to review projects and activities, submit requests for service, and review social media feeds.

10 7

Map Carousel is a configurable gallery application template that can be used to display the contents of a group using a carousel or grid.

7 7

Samples for ArcGIS Runtime SDK for Java - a SDK to create rich client mapping applications.

16 7

A simple golang client library for interacting with the Esri Geotrigger Service API.

1 7

Python based Geoprocessing tool that loads jpeg or png images to a GeoPackage

2 7



Chat bot for asking questions about your community with open data

0 7



Collection of Metadata Utilities to read/write data to different format.

1 7

The Story Map Crowdsource℠ app enables you to publish and manage a crowdsourced story to which anyone can contribute photos with captions.

9 7

A storytelling template that compares up to three web maps from ArcGIS Online. (Available as a hosted template on ArcGIS Online)

7 6

ArcGIS Pro Add-in that assists in emergency management, local government and state government data aggregation workflows.

3 6

This Thematic widget for ArcGIS Viewer for Flex will allow you to dynamically generate symbology from an ArcGIS service and use that symbology with a dynamic map service to create a thematic layer.

7 6

An application that helps citizens locate their election polling place and obtain information about elected officials.

10 6

Parcel Fabric Desktop Addins

2 6

Collection of ArcGIS for Utilities and ArcGIS for Telecommunication solutions

9 6

Next generation harvester for Geoportal Server.

4 6

Ruby library for interacting with Geoservices

10 6

A node.js module for looking up projections based on Esri projection codes

4 6

A simple dijit button to toggle between two basemaps.

6 6



ArcGIS preview application to locate, view and interact with web maps. Code Contains Esri Application Framework (EAF).

11 6

Learn how to visualize data in 3D with the ArcGIS 4.0 API for JavaScript. In this session we’ll overview various points to consider when thinking about 3D visualization, including when it is appropriate to use 3D symbols and 2D symbols. Create single variable and multivariate visualizations in just a few lines of code. Understand the variety of visualization opportunities in 3D, while acknowledging some of the pitfalls. Become familiar with some of the up and coming features related to 3D visualization.

2 6

Prototype application showing patterns and practices for building a real-time Flex mobile routing application.

4 6

The Route Status Dashboard allows you track vehicle positions on a map, receive status updates relating to stops/orders, and monitor pre-defined alerts associated with each route.

7 6

Esri Leaflet plugin for visualizing Feature Layers as heatmaps with L.heat

7 6



Edit is a configurable application template that enables you to provide basic editing capabilites for editable layers in a web map.

18 6

Provides the ability to enter deeds, check closure, and import data into the cadastral editor via XML.

2 6

ArcGIS GeoEvent Extension Sample Instagram Inbound Connector for receiving Instagram feeds.

6 6

An application that allows the general public to contribute site address and contact information.

4 5

Sample scripts and models to automate work in ArcGIS for Maritime: Charting

0 5

An application that allows the public to find information about road conditions, 511 alerts, traffic incidents, et al.

3 5

Sample code to implement new OGC WKT specification

2 5

USGS Historical Topographic Map Explorer template

2 5

The Live, Work, Locate application is a configurable JavaScript application that allows interested parties to determine whether or not they want to live, work or locate a business within a community.

2 5

Sample application showing integration of Esri Leaflet with Browserify.

0 5

Transportation Safety segmentation and crash analysis

1 5

Links open data catalogs like CKAN or CSW to ArcGIS Online

1 5



My Congress lets you find and explore your local government representation

4 5



Simple Map Viewer is a configurable application template that provides a simple user experience for exploring any web map.

6 5

An application that provides election results to the general public and other interested parties.

11 5

An application that allows employees, students and/or visitors to locate people and places on a campus or in a single building.

8 5

RTree Index for Terraformer's GeoStore

4 5



Site Selector is a configuration of ArcGIS and a JavaScript application that helps business owners and corporations locate available buildings and sites, and combine their property search with key community and business demographic information

3 5

A simple Python client library for interacting with the ArcGIS Geotrigger API.

5 5

ArcGIS GeoEvent Extension Sample ActiveMQ connectors for connecting to ActiveMQ Message Servers

4 5

military-tools-geoprocessing-toolbox is a collection of models, scripts, and tools for use in ArcGIS for Desktop and ArcGIS Pro. This toolbox is one component that is a part of Military Tools.

3 5

The Military Planner Application is an Application Prototype Template for planning military operations.

10 5

Terraformer Demos

4 5

Raster functions can be applied to raster datasets and mosaic datasets for fast, accurate analytic capabilities.

0 5

Esri Color Palettes

3 5

Widgets created and managed by the Data Reviewer team for use with the Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS.

3 4

Code and slides from my Developer Summit 2011 presentation on using Python as a glue language for Geoprocessing tools

3 4

Demo app showing how to do OAuth 2.0 logins manually on iOS

1 4

ArcGIS GeoEvent Extension for Server Performance Test Harness Sample for measuring the throughput performance of the GeoEvent Extension

2 4

Compiles MapKit iOS 6.0 to ArcGIS Runtime SDK for iOS

7 4

A simple dijit button that when clicked navigates to the users current location using HTML5 Geolocation if available.

8 4

A simple dijit button to show/hide the ArcGIS Geocoder Dijit.

3 4

Simple Map Viewer is a configurable application template that provides a simple user experience for exploring any web map.

8 4

ArcGIS GeoEvent Extension Sample Kafka connectors for connecting to Apache Kafka Message Servers

1 4



A simple map to find GIS Day events around the world.

6 4

Multi Language repository that contains documentation and sample code for creating custom URL schemes in Collector for ArcGIS.

2 4

A configurable application template that summarizes the numeric attributes of features in operational layer that are within the visible map area.

25 4



Source code for the embed application used by ArcGIS Online to embed maps.

1 4

ArcGIS Android app to find places nearby and route to the nearest location.

2 4

ArcGIS GeoEvent Extension Sample Hadoop Outbound Connector for storing GeoEvents in HDFS.

7 4

An application used by field staff to gain access to utility information.

5 4

Python Client for WebHDFS REST API

1 4

ArcGIS GeoEvent Extension Route Monitor Sample Application

11 4

A user-focused add-in for searching, creating, and editing military symbols in ArcGIS Pro.

4 4

Tools to help you effectively manage basic connectivity information about your fiber network infrastructure.

7 4

An application that allows the general public and other interested parties to comment on proposed land use cases.

13 4

Web app template that is used to determine if the location specified intersects a polygon

16 4

The Configurable Locator application is a configuration of ArcGIS for Server and a JavaScript application that allows the public to locate parks, recreational opportunities boat ramps etc. in their community.

5 4

The Crime Analysis Toolbox contains a series of ArcGIS geoprocessing tools and models for identifying and analyzing crime incident data

6 4

Toolbox and scripts for importing spreadsheets to a gdb and optionally publishing out to ArcGIS Online or ArcGIS for Server.

7 4

Documentation for NTv2 files and a C API to access them

5 4

JavaScript example illustrating how to use the Maritime Chart Service functionality provided by ArcGIS for Maritime: Server.

1 4

Modern front-end development workshop resources

1 4

Methods and files for transforming points from NAD83-HARN to NAD83-2007 and from NAD83-2007 to NAD83-2011

1 3

Environmental Impact Tools provides analysis and reporting tools for scientists, planners, and other analysts to understand potential impact of development and other projects on the natural environment.

1 3

1 3

Service qualification for determining optimal routes to use when building out network infrastructure to new potential customer locations.

2 3

Image Observable application. Supports measurement, mensuration and digitization of features from image services. Image services can also be adjusted (brightness, contrast, channels).

2 3

A set of python scripts and geoprocessing tools to automate common tasks and workflows for collector

4 3

ArcGIS Add-in provides the capability to quickly do line of sight analyses.

6 3

ArcGIS elevation analysis tool that allows you to set up an in-house viewshed geoprocessing service.

1 3

ArcGIS GeoEvent Extension for Server Reverse GeoCoder Lookup Processor Sample for looking up the nearest street address using the GeoEvent's Geometry and the ArcGIS Online World GeoCoding Service

2 3

Tile Package Kreator

0 3

LocalStorage module for Terraformer's GeoStore

2 3

ArcGIS demo application shown at the User Conference 2012 Plenary for Geoprocessing Presentation.

9 3

Quick-start, pre-configured Product Library Geodatabase to support electronic and paper chart production

1 3

ArcGIS GeoEvent Extension for Server sample OpenStreetMap and Wikipedia GeoNames Lookup Processors

1 3

An API to retrieve SDG related information

3 3

ArcGIS Online strategy for OmniAuth

2 3

A collection of Javascript Operations Dashboard widgets that utilize Workflow Manager Server and Data Reviewer Server to visualize data about your organization.

0 3

The Permit Status application is a configuration of ArcGIS for Server and a JavaScript application that allows the public to locate permitted activities, and permit applications within their community.

5 3

ArcGIS GeoEvent Extension Sample Http Inbound Transport for polling a REST endpoint

1 3

A configurable template that allows you to compare multiple web maps

5 3

Panels is a configurable application template that enables you to display an ArcGIS web map with a legend, description, and basic map tools.

4 3

The samples for the ArcGIS Runtime SDK for OS X

2 3

ArcGIS GeoEvent Extension Sample RabbitMQ connectors for connecting to RabbitMQ Message Servers

0 3

Command line script to import an ArcGIS Feature Service to the Geotrigger Service

4 3

Guidelines for contributing to Esri open source projects

27 3

ArcGIS GeoEvent Extension Sample processor for calculating service area using drive time

1 2

Event Editor widgets for collecting and editing street address data

0 2

Proxy that handles tokens for versions of ArcGIS GeoEvent Processor for Server and ArcGIS GeoEvent Extension for Server

0 2

ArcGIS GeoEvent Extension for Server sample MQTT Inbound and Outbound transports for sending and receiving messages in the MQTT format

3 2

A SPSS extension that extracts the latest population, lifestyle, market, job and spending data at the neighborhood level from Esri's Geoenrichment Service by referencing latitude and longitude values.

2 2

ArcGIS GeoEvent Extension Sample Connector for receiving raw data in the NMEA format.

3 2

In-Memory Storage for Terraformer GeoStore

3 2



An application that allows code enforcement officers, building officials, and zoning administrators to collect violation and related inspection information in the field.

2 2



An application that provides public access to tax parcel and related assessment data on smartphones and tablets.

0 2

ArcGIS GeoEvent Extension for Server custom gometry extent calculator processor. The Extent Enricher for GeoEvent enriches incoming events with that Geometry's Extent (MinX, MaxX, MinY, MaxY fields). Optionally, the processor can add the Extent's center point as a new Geometry field.

2 2


JavaScript Node.js

Fake device location updates for the ArcGIS Geotrigger Service.

8 2



Dashboard for UN SDG

3 2

Legend is a configurable application template that enables you to display an ArcGIS web map with a legend, description, and basic map tools.

11 2

Filter is a configurable application template that displays a map with an interactive filtered view of a feature layer.

5 2

Project templates for the ArcGIS API for Silverlight

14 2

Demo application from Esri's 2013 Developer Summit tech session: "Implementing Analysis, Editing, and Offline Applications with ArcGIS Runtime SDK for iOS"

8 2

The Transportation 511 Script is used to keep the contents of a Feature Collection up to date. Please see

1 2

A place to leave feedback for the devsummit

1 2

Add-in for Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS containing a table widget and search nearby feature action. Additional tools may be added in future.

8 2

Template for creating Server Object Extensions and Server Object Interceptors

1 2

Fixed size, shape marker symbols for points in Leaflet

2 2

The purpose of this tutorial is to guide you through the basic process of importing, creating and exporting S-57 products in ArcGIS for Maritime: Charting

1 2

ArcGIS GeoEvent Extension Sample location idle track detector Processor

2 2

EAF Demo code for the 2013 esri developer summit. This particular demo is to show how to use the EAF (Esri Application Framework) with the ArcGIS Runtime SDK for OSX.

10 2

Sample Workflow Manager widgets inside the Operations Dashboard

0 2

A node service and web app to turn Gnip query results into Feature Services.

2 2

A few samples for using Esri Java Geometry Library (

1 2



The Dojo Toolkit UI library. Please submit bugs to

0 2

Parses vector tiles with JavaScript

3 2

A collection of Flex widgets used in the Community Planning application to provide citizens a method to share land use goals.

3 2

A collection of Flex widgets used in the Value Dashboard application to analyze property value.

2 2

The samples for the ArcGIS Runtime SDK for macOS

2 2

Amazon AWS IoT connector for GeoEvent

0 2



NPM package to write Gnip records to an ArcGIS Feature Service.

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Custom build tool for Esri Leaflet

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Tools and utilities that complement the ArcGIS for Maritime: Charting extension

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This is a JavaFX application that connects to the local GeoEvent server through JMX, and displays the current message backlog in all of the message buffers.

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A simple attempt at implementing the Adaptive Composite Map Projection in d3.v3

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Geoprocessing tools to publish directions, routing, and logistics services available on ArcGIS Online to your own ArcGIS for Server site

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Filter is a configurable application template that displays a map with an interactive filtered view of a feature layer.

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Deprecated. An update/replacement is not currently under development.

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A library for generating thematic carto.js styles

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Sample JavaScript Aggregation Viewer using Map Service queries with an Aggregation Renderer and rendering images server side

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Sample code for the SXSW Hackathon with Esri and the City of Austin

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Demonstrating creating location-based notifications with the ArcGIS iOS SDK (DevSummit 2016)

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Multi-Language GL/GLES/EGL/GLX/WGL Loader-Generator based on the official specs.

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An addin with a multi-value summary widget, a profile graph widget, a profile graph feature action, and a Search Photo Map Tool

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ArcGIS Android app for exploring ecological marine units.

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ArcGIS GeoEvent Extension Sample Motion Calculator Processor for calculating timespan, distance, speed, accelerator, as well as their min, max, and average values

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Example showing usage of Esri Leaflet with JSPM

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Presented in UC2013, The Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS addins include an attribute table widget and a search nearby feature action

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A reference implementation of a JSON package in Java.

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Development repo for the AdoptA application

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The Dojo Toolkit extras library. Please submit bugs to

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A package to read Gnip records

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Campus Place Locator is a JavaScript application that offers a map-based view of interior and exterior assets on a university or business campus.

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The "workflowmanager-admin-tools" are a collection of supplementary geoprocessing tools and Python scripts that may help individuals and organizations who are working with an ArcGIS Workflow Manager database.

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A collection of scripts and files necessary for the creation of the Defense Solutions Air C2 COP project.

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Compare3D is a configurable app template used to compare two web scenes.

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JavaScript Ember

Prototype city-viewer app to demonstrate hub-ready requirements.

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Parcel Drafter is a web application designed to create and edit parcels. This application can be used to supplement your on-premise parcel data management workflow, or used standalone.

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Sample application showing integration of Esri Leaflet with RequireJS.

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The Dojo Toolkit core library. Please submit bugs to

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ArcGIS GeoEvent Extension Sample KML Connector

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Sample JavaScript Aggregation Viewer using aggregation (lod) queries and rendering aggregation bins client side

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A small Ruby client library for interacting with the Esri Geotrigger API.

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JavaScript app to allow the public to select or search for a location and view the status of the point in relation to a polygon

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Website for the Palm Springs Map Tour app.

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ArcGIS GeoEvent Extension Sample Trimble Connector for receiving raw data in the TAIP format.

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A gradle build project structure to retain Eclipse compatibility after migrating ArcGIS Android SDK projects to Android Studio.

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An online geocoding iOS sample app, modernized with suggestions and category support.

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Presented in UC2013, The Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS addins include a GeoRSS, a Draw Polygon map tool and a Team Assignment feature action

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Indoor routing example app built with Xamarin for iOS and the ArcGIS .Net Runtime SDK

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The Cameo Import tool imports exported data from a Cameo system into File Geodatabase.

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Military Tools for ArcGIS is a collection of mission-focused enhancements to simplify defense and intelligence workflows in ArcGIS.

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The Damage Assessment Summary Report Add-in extends the Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS application and allows you to generate a damage summary.

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ArcGIS Workflow Manager Flex viewer - Manage your workflows on the web.

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Sample to export legacy JTX transactions to a set of feature classes

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Draft API for using Esri routing engine in Leaflet

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This Simulator functions as a source of data feeding GeoEvents into a cluster of ArcGIS Servers running GeoEvent Extension.

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Java, Swift, Javascript

Multi Language repository that contains documentation and sample code for creating custom URL schemes in Explorer for ArcGIS.

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Batch Validation Manager (BVM) is a JavaScript web application to manage the validation of data using services provided by ArcGIS Data Reviewer for Server.

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A lightweight, mobile-ready, data-driven, modular grid widget designed for use with dstore

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A declarative, reactive framework that extends CSS

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The Dojo Toolkit build utilities. Please submit bugs to

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An Operations Dashboard addin with a sketch map tool, a census report feature action, and an attribute table widget

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Contains samples for developing custom checks for extending ArcGIS Data Reviewer validation capabilities.

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a Python toolbox for the RAPID (Routing Application for Parallel computatIon of Discharge) model.

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A configurable application that allows you to pick a field from a feature layer to use to rank features in ascending or descending order.

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ArcGIS GeoEvent Server Sample Sample WebSocket connector for subscribing to an external WebSocket

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Provides a means for citizens to provide feedback to their governments

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An Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS addin with a map tool that supports selection by location, a widget that opens a CSV file, and a feature action that generates a census report

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Open Source Computer Vision Library

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Addin for Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS that reads an Atom feed of earthquake information from USGS and translates to a graphics layer a map widget.

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Category on UIImageView to make it work as a North Arrow for an AGSMapView

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ArcGIS GeoEvent Extension Sample Azure connectors for connecting to Microsoft Azure Hubs and Devices

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workflowmanager sample add ins and steps

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Demo used for DevSummit 2017

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