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This comprehensive Story Map highlights key concepts and best practices for public transit GIS analysis. It shows how to determine who your transit system serves, how well people are served by transit, and how easy it is for people to access important destinations by transit. The analyses were done using ArcGIS and the tools available on this website. You can also watch a narrated version of this Story Map if you want.

Also check out our ArcGIS Public Transportation Quarterly Technology Webcasts.

GTFS resources

Where to get GTFS data:

Check out the GTFS Best Practices page for tips on how to construct your GTFS datasets.

If you want to build experimental GTFS datasets you can use with these ArcGIS tools to compare different route planning scenarios, I recommend TransLoc Architect.

Subscribe to the GTFS-Changes e-mail list to stay up to date with specification changes. If you would like to propose a change yourself, refer to the GTFS amendment process.

Learning materials

For detailed lectures and instructions to help you learn how to use these tools recreate the analyses shown in the Story Map above, download the workshop materials and watch the lecture videos from the "Using GTFS Data in ArcGIS" pre-conference workshop at the GIS in Transit 2017 Conference.


Other great tools

  • MobiAnalyst - an ArcGIS extension from Esri partner MobiGIS for performing multimodal analysis and planning.
  • Citilabs - Esri partner with a suite of transportation planning and modeling tools
  • Traffic Analyst - An inexpensive ArcGIS extension transportation planning built by Esri partner Rapidis
  • Remix - A simple web-based tool for planning transit routes
  • TransLoc Architect - An easy web-based GTFS editor

Other great data

In practice

Academic research

Academic research featuring the tools on this site: