Create and edit GTFS data

Create and edit GTFS stops.txt and shapes.txt files using the geographic capabilities of ArcGIS Pro.

Although ArcGIS doesn't have a comprehensive GTFS editing or creation tool, you can create and edit the geographic components of a GTFS dataset in ArcGIS Pro.

You can import your GTFS stops.txt file to ArcGIS Pro using the GTFS Stops To Features tool, use the standard editing tools to update stop locations or attributes, and export the edits to an updated stops.txt file using the Features To GTFS Stops tool.

You to create a shapes.txt file for your GTFS dataset based on the existing stop, route, and schedule information using the Generate Shapes Features From GTFS and Features To GTFS Shapes tools. Generate Shapes Features From GTFS generates good estimates for the geographic paths used by vehicles in the transit system and writes the output to a feature class. You can review and edit these line features before running the Features To GTFS Shapes tool, which exports the shapes into a new shapes.txt file.