Deploy your Web AppBuilder project to ArcGIS Online

Now that you have a customized Web AppBuilder application running on your own web server, we can make it available for other webmap authors in our Organization to take advantage of as well.

In this exercise, you will:

  1. On the Web AppBuilder homepage http://yourmachinename:3344/webappbuilder, click Configure App for the application you would like to export as template.

  2. In the Theme tab click the ^ to the right of the Saved button > Export As Template and select the individual options you want to make configurable for webmap authors later and then click Export > Export to My Organization.

export template

  1. Give the template a name, tags, description and save it in your folder of choice and click OK and Close.

succesful export template

  1. Click item to view your template > Groups (in the top header of the ArcGIS Online page) and choose Create a Group. Fill in the appropriate details and share the Group within your organization.

export template

  1. Click My Organization > Edit Settings > Map and in the Configurable Apps choose the new group from the dropdown and click Save.

  2. Share your new template with this group.

  3. Test your template in the Map Viewer by creating an application with this configurable template.