arcrest.enrichment package

Module contents

The GeoEnrichment service provides the ability to get facts about a location or area. Using GeoEnrichment, you can get information about the people, places, and businesses in a specific area or within a certain distance or drive time from a location. More specifically, by submitting a point or polygon to the GeoEnrichment service, you can retrieve the demographics and other relevant characteristics associated with the surrounding area. You can also use the geoenrichment service to obtain additional geographic context (for example, the ZIP Code of a location) and geographic boundaries (for example, the geometry for a drive-time service area). Currently, the service is available for Canada, the United States, and a number of European countries. Other countries will be added in the near future. This service enables you to answer questions about locations that you can’t answer with maps alone. For example: What kind of people live here? What do people like to do in this area? What are their habits and lifestyles? What kind of businesses are in this area? Site analysis is a popular application of this type of data enrichment. For example, the GeoEnrichment service can be leveraged to study the population that would be affected by the development of a new community center within their neighborhood. With the service, the proposed site can be submitted, and the demographics and other relevant characteristics associated with the area around the site will be returned.